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About Me

Back in 2003 I hired an old friend to help me build a website for my business in the mortgage industry.  I didn’t know anything about websites other than I thought we needed to have one because everyone else was getting one.  I was paying to buy leads from other companies who generated customer leads from the internet and my goal was to “Eliminate the Middleman”.  It seemed really easy, “build a website and then customers will flock to it”.  How simple.  I could eliminate the lead cost and be overwhelmed with leads.  How awesome could this be?

So I forked over about $1,200.00 to have one built.  It was built using a program called Frontpage which I guess was pretty good back then.  Heck I didn’t really care how it was built, just build it because customers are just waiting out there to come to my new website.

Well I’m sure some of you can figure out how this turned out.  I think I went live sometime in May 2003.  I’m pretty sure that they weren’t banging down the door.  Hey but I had a cool website.

During the next 5 months or so I learned how to make changes to the site since I had a copy of FrontPage.  Making links, changing content, going “oh shit” because nobody told me to back up the page before I made changes.  Yes, that has happened several times where I completely screwed up the layout and had to muddle through trying to fix it and calling my friend for help.

Then one day I ran across a site called Commission Junction.  I read that I could put advertisements on my site then I would get paid if someone bought one of the items I was advertising.  Sounds simple.  So I signed up and found some credit related items like getting a copy of credit report and put those on the site.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  Somebody actually bought something from the site.  I don’t even know who it was but they bought something.  On 10/20/2003 I got a check for $39.00.

In the mean time I had also learned about a company called Google.  I’m sure most of you have heard of them by now.  I found out that I could sign up to be an advertiser for them as well.  I was already trying our luck with the PPC stuff that they do in order to get traffic to the site.  Again being naive I assumed that everyone that came to the site was dying to complete an application.  Oops, wrong.  So I thought maybe I could offset some of the advertising cost by being on the other side and collecting some revenue from showing ads on the site.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  On December 9, 2003 I got a check from them for about $162.  I was hooked.

From then until 2007 I played around and tried to increase my earnings.  I average $500 – $1000 per month in income from the site.  In 2007, I average about $2000 per month from what is known as “Affiliate Marketing” income.  In 2008 I was over $4,000 per month.   In October 2008, I made the decision to close the Mortgage Company and concentrate on building my online business.  It had less stress and with the housing implosion just happening and all the new regulation just starting to come into play it seemed like the perfect time.  What a great move.

With more time to focus on building additional sites during the day and not at the wee hours of the night I was able to build out more sites.  Along the way I had learned some good techniques about getting site high up in the search rankings.  No way around it except to work at it, and work at it, and work at it.  I built some in FrontPage, then learned Joomla, then something else and now WordPress and XSite.  Quitting my “Real Job” was the best thing I could do.  My income exploded beyond what I thought possible at the time.  Basically we just keep adding Zero’s.  I have more time to spend with family.  I enjoy what I do and the potential is only limited by my ability to think of something new.

There are a couple of interesting side effects of becoming an internet marketing person.  First, nobody has a clue what you do.  You can tell them that you “make money online” or do “affiliate marketing” and you will get a dear-in-the-headlights stare.  Your spouse, kids, friends, parents and pretty much anyone will look at you like you are some poor unemployed slob.  Years ago when I heard someone was a “Consultant” that was what I pictured.  Second, because you generally don’t need to go to an office you tend to lose that office companionship and you get somewhat isolated.  I would encourage you to find others that you can network with.  Someone you can bounce ideas off or even partner up with.  I’m working on this in 2010 and 2011.  Finally, you can find yourself at your computer 24/7 if you are not careful.  Set work limits just like you would with a “Real Job”.  Otherwise you will burn yourself out.

If you would have asked me in 2003 if I ever could have seen this or would I ever expect to be in this position, it would not even been conceivable.  I follow several other so called “Internet Guru’s”.  Some I’ve met and some I want to meet.  Most will tell you they also never imagined what this world could bring them.  I guess with my earning now I am somewhat of a Guru.  Wow, kind of weird to think that.

Going forward my goal is to continue building sites and move into teaching others.  Hell if I can do anyone can.  It just takes putting for the effort which is usually the major stumbling block for most people.


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