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Affiliate Summit West 2011

By Don On October 23, 2010 Under Trade Shows

Like in any business you must spend a little to hopefully make a lot.  Well I’ve decided to take a trip to Vegas for the 2011 Affiliate Summit West show.  Having never been to one of these I’m sure it will be very interesting.

Winn Hotel Las VegasOne of the downsides of working online for a living is that you can get isolated.  You hack away at the computer for hours upon end creating the next big site or doing research on affiliate products and before you notice it the day is gone by.  Since you don’t have that typical office atmosphere you need to get out and interact with others.

You should get involved in some groups in your area to share ideas.  A good site to look at is a site called Meetup.  The other thing I think you should do is go to at least one big Trade show per year.  That way you may be able to meet some of the people you hear about or see online.

Earlier this year I went to a Frank Kern event.  For those that have never heard of him, just do a Google search and you will learn a lot.  At that event I had the opportunity to meet a cool dude name Jeremy.  This guy Rocks!  He is the real deal and a genuine all around simple guy from some State that grows corn.

Shoemoney and Don Semler

Awesome Guy Jeremy Shoemoney Shoemaker

The point being is that by going to these events periodically you can meet other people that are 100 time better than you are but are willing to share and help you out.

So yeah you gotta spend a little to make a little but that investing in your business.  If you don’t do these things you get stale and then you business will get old.

Plus hanging out in Vegas won’t be so bad.

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