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How to make money with Kontera

By Don On December 14, 2010 Under Make Money Online, Reviews

How to make money with Kontera

When I started in thinking about making money online years ago the only thing that I had heard about was of course the ‘big daddy” Google.  While Google is certainly worth having as an online marketer, you do not want to have all revenue come from one source.  This can be disastrous.  So I started looking around and through some forum sources I ran across several other advertisers, one being Kontera.  I looked at some others like Infolinks and Bidvertiser  and some I can’t remember anymore.  I ran some test and Kontera was the best producer with the most relevant ads for my sites.

make money online with Kontera

Relevant Ads are key

Relevant ads are key to your success.  If you site is about dogs and all the ads are weight loss products or ringtones then you are not going to get a lot of click on the advertisements as the user probably has no use for that information.  Kontera, with its large advertiser base seems to be able to deliver a good mix of high paying relevant ads

Kontera, also will provide several types of ad formats based on their analysis of what is performing.  Their goal it to show the best ads that have the highest chance of performing.  As the publisher you have little control over the ad type.  While this may seem a negative, I actually find it a positive as I don’t not have to run tons of split tests.  They are already doing that tedious task for me.

Their ad types can contain video, billboards, text and images, text, and content links.  If the user hovers over one of the keywords that the ad it targeting then the ad will display.  Otherwise the user will probably not notice and will not find it obtrusive.

Optimizing your site for the higher revenue

While you can’t control exactly what ad displays or what keyword they target, you can have a strong influence.  Kontera offers two key tools to use.  Filter Tags and Zone Tags.

Filter Tags quite simply tell Kontera, “Do Not place ads here”.  This can be a good tool if you maybe have a paragraph or other content that you do not want considered because while it might be relevant for the page it generates poor or unrelated ads.

Zone tags are somewhat the opposite.  They tell Kontera, “Place ads HERE”.  This can be very good when you want to target certain areas of your page or keep Kontera from displaying advertising in Navigation links.

If you want to block a specific keyword or advertiser you can have your Kontera Account Executive do that task for you.

Don’t lose you visitor to “one click and done”.

Google is notorious for this.  Once the user clicks on a Google ad the user is swept away from you site so you may only get one click out of that user or they may never come back to your site.  With Kontera you can as some simple code to their script so that it opens a new window.  This way they still stay on your site and you might earn more out of them.  Simply add this code:    var dc_open_new_win = ‘yes';

I would test this out after you have your site up for a while to make sure that you are not loosing revenue due to browsers pop up blockers that prevent the new page from opening.

Use specific product information when possible.

If you site is about let’s say ‘Digital Cameras” make sure that you don’t use that term too much.  You will generally make more money by targeting ‘Cannon PowerShot SD600” or “Rebel XL” rather than just “digital camera”.  This is where the filter and zone tags can really help.  The user is more likely to click on the specific ad rather than the generic ad for a digital camera.

Through Konera’s reporting you can not only which pages generate the most clicks but also the specific keywords as well.  This can be a good tool for targeting.  You might also want to have a conversation with your account rep that can help you improve your earning by maybe targeting a different higher paying keyword.


Kontera’s In-Text advertising is a great revenue generator for you site.  I like to use it along side Google Adsense.  With the various ad types, ability to change the link color, ability to use filters and zones you have tremendous control over your ads.  One other nice piece is that Kontera has some simple plugins for Joomla, Blogger, WordPress and Drupal.  These plugins make in incredibly easy to get your code set up and begin making some money.

Sign up today to begin making money online with Kontera.

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